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Pygargue, Your Trusted Partner for Underwater Works

At Pygargue LLC 
we are proud of being among the pioneers and leaders in the
Diving industry in Switzerland

With our expertise, we are your trusted partner for executing complex projects related to dams, pipeline construction, lake works, and sediment dredging.

Our Commitment

to Excellence

Since our inception, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and quality in the field of underwater works. Our highly skilled team of divers, engineers, and technicians possesses the experience and necessary skills to successfully complete even the most demanding projects, regardless of their scale.

Plongueur spécialisé dans les travaux sous-marins en Suisse

Pygargue LLC is equipped to carry out underwater works from 0 to 40 meters using air and beyond using breathing mixtures in accordance with the Ordinance on the Safety of Workers during Hyperbaric Work as of January 1, 2018.

Diving Operations

Plongeur-scaphandrier-1 (1).jpg

Our Versatile Expertise

Commitment to

the Environment

At Pygargue LLC, we understand the importance of environmental preservation. We take pride in implementing sustainable practices in all our operations to minimize our impact on aquatic ecosystems while delivering effective solutions to our clients.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your underwater projects in Switzerland and worldwide, we are ready to collaborate with you.


Mettlenwaldweg 16P CH-3037 Herrenschwanden, Switzerland

+41 79 501 65 71

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