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Intervention Vehicles

Fiat Ducato Intervention Vehicle:

Our Fiat Ducato intervention vehicle is equipped with all the necessary diving equipment for swift intervention. It features a 60-meter umbilical system to ensure the supply of air to the divers.

Light Site Monitoring Vehicle:

For tracking our projects, we have a light vehicle that allows us to be responsive and efficient.

Viking Work Boat:

Our Viking work boat is equipped with a 50 hp engine and a rescue mast, making it a versatile tool for our operations in aquatic environments.

Work Pontoons:

For heavy surface support and lifting equipment, we prioritize the use of local resources to reduce costly road transport and greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to our partners, we can quickly install floating platforms of all sizes on Swiss and international lakes, contributing to the local economy.

Specialized Containers

Diving Container:

Our diving container is equipped with 90-meter umbilicals and a blending panel for mixed-gas dives, allowing us to safely conduct dives to significant depths, exceeding 40 meters in Switzerland.

Tooling Container:

We have a container dedicated to the specialized tools required for our underwater operations.

Diving Equipment

KMB18 and KM37 Helmets:

We use industry-standard KMB18 and KM37 helmets, which not only provide air supply to a diver even if unconscious but also feature a "free flow" valve essential for comfortable and safe work.


We utilize ubilical surface supply, thus enabling direct and continuous verbal communication between the diver and the Hyperbaric Operations Coordinator (HOC), also serving as a lifeline for the diver.

Gas Panel:

To monitor and control the gas required for diver life support, we use a gas panel supplied by breathable air cushions. Our high-pressure diving compressor or the low-pressure compressor for dockside work ensures air supply to the cushions.

Safety and Control

Annually Certified Equipment:

All our equipment undergoes annual checks by certified personnel to ensure their perfect functioning.

Overpressure Equipment: 

For contaminated environments, we use overpressure equipment. These Viking suits and AH5 helmets form an overpressure ensemble that prevents contamination in case of suit breach. This technology is essential for operations in nuclear power plants, sewage treatment plants, or during concrete work.

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